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October 2009 - October 2010

10/08/09 - Stu’s doctor calls, wants to discuss blood test results

10/14/09 - bone marrow biopsy

11/05/09 - initial diagnosis of high risk MDS, Dr. Leibowitz, hemotologist, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Myelodysplastic (MDS) Syndrome, Refractory Anemia with Excess Blasts-2

11/14/10 - Memorial celebration for Garna King

11/17/09 - meet with specialist at Stanford, Dr. Coutre

11/25/09 - meet with Dr. Peter Greenberg, Stanford Cancer Center

12/03/09 - consult with Dr. Lloyd Damon, UCSF

12/05/09 - consult with Dr. Carl Hangee-Bauer, an acupuncturist and naturopathic doctor in San Francisco recommended by Terri's naturopaths in Grass Valley

12/07/09 - Stu begins treatment of Azacitidine (Vidaza) at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation

12/16/09 - consult with Dr. Laura Johnston, Stanford

01/28/10 - Boots, beloved companion, rests in peace (she was almost 19 years old)

03/02/10  - Stu’s blasts 12%->5%

03/10/10 - bone marrow donor match found

03/18-03/21/10 - Stu visits Penn Valley

03/22/10 - meet Tiffany, social worker, UCSF

03/25/10 - purchase futons, Mary’s Futons

04/??/10 - new carpet installed

4/24-26/10 - Terri in Sunnyvale, final preparations – purchase Daniel’s Plasma TV, purchase and assemble TV stand

04/27/10 - Stu enters UCSF hospital

05/05/10 - Stu receives donor stem cell infusion

05/20/10 - Terri moves to Sunnyvale with her cats

05/22/10 - Stu released from hospital. Sunnyvale Walgreens pharmacy closed at 6.

06/18/10 - Stu’s 1st bout of diarrhea. Terri cancels weekend trip to Penn Valley.

06/19/10 - explosive diarrhea in morning, calms down by noon.

06/21/10 - Stu begins passing blood clots - very painful. BK virus beginning.

06/29/10 - home care nurse trains us in saline drips - Stu begins constant hiccups and spasms, lasts through the night and next day

06/30/10 - Stu re-admitted to UCSF hospital with hiccups, spasms, BK virus

07/02/10 - failed painful attempts to insert catheter

07/13/10 - Stu released from hospital

07/14/10 - Physical therapy evaluation, part 1 - Fumiyo quite concerned

07/23/10 - Physical therapist quite impressed with Stu’s progress (lower prednisone helps a lot!)

07/29/10 - Stu re-admitted to UCSF hospital when ultra-sound shows inflamed gall bladder

07/31/10 - Stu begins receiving morphine for pain of eating

07/31/10 - Stu moved to private room on 8th floor

08/02/10 - endoscopy, begin TPN (IV nutrition), taken off food to give gut a rest

08/03/10 - bone marrow biopsy, chimerism

08/03/10 - Stu fell getting out of bed – woozy from morphine

08/04/10 - Stu moved to private room on the 11th floor

08/07-10/10 - ATG - antithymocyte globulin (rabbit)

08/11/10 - start creon12, pancreatic enzymes

08/12/10 - 100 days

08/18/10 - taken off TPN; begin lasix for water retention. peed 5 liters (10 lbs) of fluids overnight. receivin supplemental oxygen at night., has bed sores - pressure sores, received 1 unit of packed red blood cells.

08/21/10 - Stu accidentally pulls Hickman pick line out, delaying anticipated release 8/23/10

08/24/10 - Stu released from the hospital

09/05/10 - Stu has feng shui consultation to heal and balance the energy in his apartment

09/10/10 - consult with Dr. Tom Cowan, specialist in cancer, GI, and nutrition

09/15/10 - interview Elizabeth and hire her as new full time caregiver for Stu

09/17/10 - Elizabeth begins full time care-giving, Terri moves back to Penn Valley

09/27/10 - Stu is hallucinating and fairly out of it for his appointment with Dr. Damon at UCSF

09/28/10 - Terri visits Stu at his apartment – Stu goes in and out of hallucinating. His speaking is very difficult to understand. 

09/29/10 - Stu taken to local ER, then to UCSF hospital. He’s on cardiac unit for monitoring.

10/02/10 - Stu moved to 11 Long, bone marrow transplant wing of UCSF. He’s awake, clear, good sustained energy.

10/04/10 - moved to ICU following blood pressure drop. Cardiac arrest in ICU. Following hours of aggressive attempts to save him, endoscopy shows extensive bleeding from multiple sites in lower GI tract. There is nothing they can do.

10/05/10 - Stu’s last breath around 9:45 am